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Something to rival our beloved Myrrh & Tonka? Surely not!!!

Something to rival our beloved Myrrh & Tonka? Surely not!!!

Something to rival our beloved Myrrh & Tonka? Surely not!!! 

I didn’t think it was possible…..

You guys know how much I LOVE, how much WE LOVE Jo Malone- Myrrh & Tonka - and I’ve bought a fair few fragrances since but none that I love *quite* as much as that one. However a couple of days ago I sprayed two that I am VERY excited about! They’re totally different to M&T but they are INCREDIBLE and it’s no surprise that one of them is BAD GAL RIRI’s known about SCENT!


Kilian- Don’t be shy

The only way I can describe it is. Pretty. Sexy. Sweet but not sweet enough you wanna puke. Sweet enough you wanna smell more because there’s a mysterious edge to it that you just want to know more about. Many of the GG compared it to ‘a bed of marshmallows’ but there’s really so much more to it than that. I don’t think I’ve actually smelt a fragrance like it before? It’s not your usual *sweet* smell. It has edge. And coolness. Much like Riri! It’s one of those smells that If you smelt it whilst walking past somebody you would have to stop and ask them what it is!!!! This could be my new go to to be fair. But I’m also torn between the next one…



I wore Libre a couple of summers ago and actually went right through the bottle- which I never do. It’s beautiful. But this one, libra intense… it’s something else. It’s Libre on STEROIDS. I was expecting to smell familiarity when smelling this one but it was SO different. It has a whole new meaning! This one is the perfect balance between a sweet and sexy perfume and a super musky, smoky one. Again, it’s not a smell you smell all the time. It’s very unique but not unique in the sense that only few would like it. I think this perfume is a safe bet. I would 100% recommend!


I feel like this is part of my service within the GG now… finding us perfumes tehehhee.

Get them on your valentines lists gals. Or if you’re single, TREAT YO SELF!

For the YSL you should be able to get 20% off using my code TAYLALF on the look fantastic website when you click through my link!

Happy shopping!

I love you!

Tay xoxoxo

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